A collection of economic infographics, charts, graphs, and interactive tools

World by emotions from North Americans warm - Russians cold. Isn’t that a stereotype? 

IMF’s History of World Debt through 2010. What will it look like into the future. Can it push upward forever? 

This is fun. Game from the Fed lets you set monetary policy depending upon economic conditions. Just when you think the job couldn’t be easier, a supply shock hits.  

Feeling good about the economy? Pew research data looks across country and across years about how people feel about their personal financial situations. It is always interesting to see that people are more optimistic about their personal finances than the economy in general. For example, in 2012 the % of respondents in US that said their personal economic situation was good was 68, but only 31% said the US economic situation was good. 

Google Search & Adwords generate a lot of business for businesses. This map of the US is a fun way to look at the tallies

Stalled; Movement of USD: Does the rate at which money changes hands in the economy matter? US economy is unlikely to see significant price increases if the velocity of money continues to fall;